Fusion Ufairia Location Details

Fusion Ufairia Birdeye View

Fusion Ufairia From Bird Eye View

Fusion Ufairia is best Location Project in Noida Extension. 

Front is on 130 meter Road

In one side 60meter Road

In Back Side 24 Meter Major Road Connecting Societies.

Fusion Ufairia From Main Road

Fusion Ufairia Noida Extension

Fusion Ufairia have access from all side.

there is no boundary .

5 Screen Multiplex is planned in project.

Metro Station is proposed In Front of Project.

Fusion Ufairia From 24 m Road

Fusion Ufairia View From 24 m Road

Behind the project there is 1lac flats .

There is 2 direct access from society road .

One is 18 m and another is 13 m.

5 Screen Multiplex is planned in project.

Construction Update

Construction is going on Third Floor


Fusion Ufairia Construction is going on with full speed. First commercial project which  delivered in Noida Extension.

Construction towards 60m wide Road


Construction is going on all the location

Construction going on Ground Floor

Fusion Ufairia Two floor Parking Construction Already done,

First commercial project with three side major roads.

Fusion Ufairia

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Fusion Ufairia

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